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The Fair Trade coffee producing organization, Cooperative COMISUYL, and neighboring farmer-owned biofuel producers, Biocombustibles de Yoro, S.A. (BYSA), and entered a cooperative agreement to support the transition to locally supplied electricity generation for the operation of coffee and biofuel processing centers. BYSA will produce Jatropha oil that will be used by COMISUYL to generate electricity at its off-grid processing center, while BYSA will purchase organic fertilizer from COMISUYL for its Jatropha production. In addition, BYSA will seek to transition its production to the biodiversity-friendly Integrated Open Canopy™ (IOC) production methods.

The Mesoamerican Development Institute (MDI) and Gota Verde Program of the Foundation for Rural Development (FUNDER) are also parties to the agreement to jointly seek funds, provide technical assistance and specialized equipment for this unique rural development model that will boost the local economy. MDI and its partners are seeking funds to support the introduction of the rural production model, which includes patented disruptive technology—hybrid renewable energy technology that breaks the cycle of burning wood in the coffee industry to dry the harvest, while allowing funds for electricity production to remain in the local economy.