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Make a Donation in Support of Our Program

The Cafe Solar® program is facilitated by non-profit Mesoamerican Development Institute (MDI) and our women’s co-operative, Cooperativa COMISUYL.

Make a donation to support Mesoamerican Development Institute’s efforts in:

• Increasing sustainability in the coffee industry using innovative clean energy technology and forest-friendly farming methods.

• Helping independent farmer organizations by providing economic security, valuable training and better job opportunities.

• Supporting women in important management positions in Central America.

About MDI

Mesoamerican Development Institute (MDI) supports independent, fair trade coffee cooperatives, by equipping them with renewable energy processing technologies and innovative forest-friendly farming systems.

In addition to protecting threatened tropical forests, local coffee growers are provided a competitive advantage that value-added clean, efficient processing and export allow. Through MDI’s technology and programs:

• Local youth are trained to operate the processing and export center, providing good jobs and valuable skills using clean technology in rural communities.

• Women are given the opportunity to take on important leadership positions. In fact, both Cooperativa COMSIUYL and its processing and export facility feature women in management positions.

• Cooperativa COMISUYL and local producers of biofuel are adopting MDI’s award-winning (U.S. Forest Service’s “Wings Across the Americas”) agroforestry system, which conserves and expands natural forest habitat on coffee farms.

• This model of clean processing and forest-friendly farming is providing a model for the future in protecting national parks under threat by coffee production. (MDI and Cooperative COMISUYL have been designated as Co-managers of Pico Pijol National Park in order to expand our model of sustainable production)

• Consumers of Cafe Solar® are able to support the first off-grid coffee processing center that does not burn wood to industrially dry coffee.

How Funding is Used
For the current 2016/2017 harvest season, MDI is seeking funds for:

• Implementation and mapping of IOC pilot farms in Yoro, Honduras

• Continued on-site training for the preparation and export of coffee using clean technology

• Technical support for the processing of locally produced biofuel and onsite generation of electricity

• Documentation of the IOC project in preparation of a carbon trading program as incentive to protect the buffer zone of Pijol Pijol and Texiguat national parks, where coffee production is the primary threat to cloud forest