Solutions for Deforestation In The Coffee Industry

Expansion of coffee cultivation is the primary threat to cloud forest/rainforest and national parks in Honduras. Strictly High Grown (SHG) coffee shares the same elevation as cloud forest. Cloud forests are deforested to make way for coffee farms. In addition, vast quantities of firewood are needed to fuel conventional industrial coffee dryers.

deforestation of the rainforest from coffee

Solutions to Deforestation from the coffee industry

Café Solar® is industrially dried using renewable energy technology—solar and biomass that eliminates the use of firewood. And Café Solar® is promoting a new method of growing coffee that includes forest habitat as part of the coffee farm. Integrated Open Canopy™ production has been proven to increase coffee yields, while supporting forest habitat and the biodiversity that forest support. Cloud forests are also very important in mitigating global warming, as they remove carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas, from the atmosphere. Carbon emissions from deforestation are equal to emissions from burning fossil fuels for the transportation sector: cars, planes, ships etc.

Cloud forests in Honduras and Central America are disappearing at an alarming rate. Cloud forests are the headwaters of the watersheds that provide drinking water for the surrounding cities and communities and water for hydropower utilities. The mayors are very concerned that drinking water is diminishing due to the clearing of cloud forest for coffee production. They and the US and Honduran Forest Services have endorsed our forest-friendly production and processing methods.

Each solar/biomass drying tower with Café Solar® saves nearly 5 hectares (12 acres) of forest each year.

For a typical cup of coffee, nearly a half square inch of forest is lost to provide the firewood to dry the coffee beans.

Conventional coffee drying has been declared and “environmental emergency” by the Costa Rican Coffee Institute.

Café Solar® uses forest-friendly production and patented processing methods that help to reduce deforestation. Café Solar® is eliminating one cause of deforestation–the burning of wood from rainforests as fuel to dry coffee beans. Café Solar® is promoting forest-friendly coffee farms that have forest buffers around the areas of cultivation.

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