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As the official sustainable coffee of the University of Massachusetts Lowell, Café Solar®, is being offered at several locations on campus in partnership with Aramark Dinning Services.

Café Solar® is a joint venture of Fair Trade Cooperative COMISUYL in Honduras and the Mesoamerican Development Institute. COMISUYL is adopting renewable energy technology and biodiversity-friendly production methods and serves and a training and research center for the Networked Engineering Research Center (NERC), a consortium of UMass Lowell and Amherst with Universities in Central America.

Café Solar is now available at:

  1. –Southwick Food Court (North Campus)
  2. –Mill City Restaurant (South Campus)
  3. –Fox Hall Dining Room (East Campus)

Café Solar® is unique in its ability to help mitigate climate change by conserving and expanding forest habitat in coffee producing regions.

  • Eliminates use of firewood to dry the coffee harvest, helping to preserve tropical forests
  • Processed using renewable energy technology manufactured in Massachusetts
  • Supports the introduction of biodiversity-friendly agroforestry systems and student research
  • High-quality coffee—Strictly High Grown (SHG) and prepared to specialty coffee standards
  • Locally roasted by Red Barn Coffee Roasters in Upton

See the displays that are being introduced on campus.

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See the Café Solar® flyer providing background on coffee supporting the introduction of coffee processed with renewable energy and forest-friendly production.

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