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Thank you to those that supported the successful fundraising effort on Petridish. Brett is in the field leading this season’s effort in Honduras.
What if we could produce coffee in a carbon neutral way while providing more income for local farmers and a high quality habitat for birds and other wildlife?

“Through my research and a partnership with the Mesoamerican Development Institute (MDI) this vision can become reality. Fair trade, organic, and sustainably grown coffees are beginning to claim a larger share of the coffee market. What these certifications mean for local farmers and wildlife can be difficult to determine. The results from this ongoing study will provide a scientific basis for growing coffee that benefits wildlife while enabling farmers to increase yields and the overall value of the coffee they produce.

“At my study site in central Honduras, a local coffee cooperative is already on a path to a sustainable future. They focus on producing organically grown coffee, their coffee beans are being dried using solar power, and their entire processing facility will soon be powered entirely with locally produced biofuels. This is a shining example of how a more sustainable future is possible. Through the collaborative efforts of local cooperatives, non-profit groups, and universities, the results from this study have a real potential to create a better future for farmers and wildlife across the globe.”