First of A Kind Coffee

solar-dried using innovative renewable energy technology

No Burning Of Wood

The New Coffee Drying Method Eliminates The Need for Thousands of Acres of Forest to Burn

Solar Power That Stops Deforestation

Mesoamerican Development Institute has created the first coffee processing method with solar power.


What Is Mesoamerican Development Institute?

mesoamerican-logo-no-bgMesoamerican Development Institute (MDI) is a nongovernmental organization with offices in UMASS Lowell, Costa Rica and Honduras. MDI specializes in technology transfer and market development; we introduce renewable energy innovations for agro-productive industry to reduce costs and restore environments in rural Mesoamerica.   learn more


Mesoamerican Development Institute (MDI) World Changing Project

Through research and development Mesoamerican Development Institute is on the path to make some big changes in the coffee industry. The team has developed a new solar-dried coffee. The solar-dried coffee gets red of the need to burn wood during the drying process. The coffee is also grown with a new method called Integrated Open Canopy (IOC). This protects tropical forests which creates rich biodiversity growing conditions around coffee farms.

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Cafe Solar – A Out Come From Mesoamerican Development Institute Research

Cafe Solar is leading the way by implementing this new solar dried coffee technique. There coffee allows the consumer to choose and help the world by just drinking it. With the new method from Mesoamerican Development Institute thousand of hectares of tropical forest are protected and biodiversity is allowed to flourish.

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Support Mesoamerican Development Institute

Increase Sustainability in the Coffee. Industry
Increase Support for Honduras coffee farmers.
Increase development in forest-friendly farming systems.
Drinking Cafe Solar means you support the first off-grid coffee processing center.

"If widely adopted, these new coffee-producing techniques promise to reduce the rate of deforestation"

− US Forest Service Policy Analysis
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Check Out Mesoamerican Development Institute Project’s

Pico Pijol Cloud Forest 940w

Co-Manager of Pico Pijol National Park, Yoro, Honduras

September 11, 2013

Off Grid Plant 940x705

Off-Grid Coffee Processing

August 15, 2012

indigo bunting 220x140

Integrated Open Canopy (IOC)™

August 9, 2012


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