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Brewing Coffee and Saving Forests

We Could Create Huge Changes; Brewing Coffee, Saving Forests, Bettering Lives UMASS Lowell University Magazine, Winter 2011-2012. Geoffrey Douglas For Raul Raudales and Richard Trubey, an engineer and a technical…
December 19, 2011
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Environmental Costs of Coffee Production

Measuring and Managing the Environmental Cost of Coffee Production Conservation Society 2009:7(2): 141-144. Victor Arce, David King, Richard Chandler, Carlin Chandler, Raul Raudales, Richard Trubey Coffee is a major international…
August 12, 2009
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Hermetic Storage of Coffee

Breakthrough in Storing High Quality Coffee Tea & Coffee Trade Journal 2005. Steve Aronson, Raul Raudales, Richard Trubey, Philippe Villers Cafe Britt of Costa Rica, working with the U.S.-based Mesoamerican…
July 23, 2005