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Breakthrough in Storing High Quality Coffee

Tea & Coffee Trade Journal 2005. Steve Aronson, Raul Raudales, Richard Trubey, Philippe Villers

Cafe Britt of Costa Rica, working with the U.S.-based Mesoamerican Development Institute (MDI), has developed a new technique using hermetic storage that allows pesticide-free long-term storage of coffee in its parchment state, without loss of quality, aroma, or appearance for a period of five months or more. Endorsed by the Coffee Institute of Honduras and the International Rice Research Institute, Hermetic Storage Cocoons™ and Hermetic SuperGrainbags™ provide long term and quality storage/preservation of commodities. These technologies maintain moisture levels, reduce oxidization, prevent the development of microflora, eliminate insect infestation and preserve seed viability without the use of pesticides and fumigants.

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