Global Warming, Climate Change and Coffee

How in the world could coffee be related to global warming and climate change issues? Coffee is delicious! It cant be affecting climate change.. you might think. Well unfortunately for us drinking coffee is playing a big role in ruining Mother Earth.

Every time You Drink a Cup Of Coffee Roughly 3 sq. cm of rainforest is destroyed

Holy smokes this can not be the truth! But it is, conventional coffee drying method consume thousands of acres of forest each year. Contributing hugely to deforestation. Since the coffee industry is one of the biggest out there this can not keep going on. That is Mesoamerican Development Institue (MDI) has created a method to cut out the firewood!

climate change coffee drying

Our Method Keeps The Rainforest and Helps Stop Deforestation

solar power coffee drying
The coffee that is produced from the MDI process is the first coffee that is industrially dried without the use of firewood. The coffee is dried using a combination of solar power and and coffee husk pellets. This new method being implemented by all major coffee producers a real impact can be done on climate change and global warming.

Cafe Solar Sells The Non-firewood Dried Coffee

Cafe Solar is how this fantastic new technology is sold and expanded. Buying Cafe Solar coffee means your buying real organic and eco-friendly coffee as opposed to the main stream brands.

cafe solar organic coffee